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Zombie Geeks

Date:31 August 2013
Location:Goldfields Showgrounds
Entries Close:29 Aug 2013
Starting Time:16:30
Registration:From 14:30, 31 August 2013 - Goldfield Showgrounds
Late Entries:Yes
Timed By:N/A
Seeding and Batching:No
Fully ROAG Administered Event: No
Event Website:http://www.facebook.com/ZombieRunSouthAfrica


Race Option Start Time Entry Fee
no T-shirt
Entry Fee
with a T-shirt
5km Runner 16:00 R 150.00 R 200.00
5km Zombie

Late entry fees will be confirmed.

Race packet pickup is at the Geekfest from 13:00, prior to the race at 16:30.

The run starts promptly at 16:30 at Goldfields Showgrounds.

The Zombie Run is a fun run and is, therefore, not timed.

“Zombies – it's all fun and games until someone gets bitten.”


Zombie Run is a fun game which has gained recognition and following abroad. Never before has the game been run in South Africa and 2013 is the year for our local apocalypse. The premise of the game is that participants will register either as a runner or as a zombie and take part in the game itself. The game is set on 5km of pre-existing trail, with 6 added tasks or obstacles for runners to complete.

Runners will carry 3 “lives” in the form of flags and will depart from the start line in waves of 100 runners. Once all their lives have been taken, they are considered “turned” but are permitted to complete the course regardless. This is not a timed race. Zombies can register for one of 2 roles – full zombie (classified before the run as Stumblers or Chasers), or Zombie Horde (for crowd effect, with lesser game rights).

During and after the event, runners, spectators and zombies are encouraged to stay and enjoy a day outdoors, with light entertainment. Above all, the event is a game and is meant for entertainment purposes only, and as such there will be strict game rules which will be enforced with the help of Marshalls and the Zombie Horde.

The inaugural event is intended to act as a charity fund-raiser for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, Carnivore Conservation Program and Freeme Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, and all proceeds will be donated as directed by the benefactors.


i. Runners
Runners are “live” participants who have not been infected. They will carry an identifying bib or race t-shirt and a belt holding 3 flags which represent lives. Their goal is to complete the course, with its obstacles, with at least 1 life intact. There will be hidden medic packs on the course containing a limited number of bracelets which represent a life-saving serum.  If all lives are lost and a runner has one of the bracelets, they are considered safe, but only just. Once lives are lost, a runner can complete the course but will be considered “turned”. No runner may grab lives from another runner in an attempt to save their own – once bitten 3 times, there is no hope from them. The race is not timed and runners will need to rely on speed, agility and a functional brain to complete the course safely.

ii. Zombies
Registered Zombies will be responsible for their own make-up and costume. Zombies will be classified or “self-seeded” as Stumblers or Chasers. Stumblers are slow-moving and are most effective in a large group. Chasers are freshly turned and still have the ability to actually hunt their prey. The aim of the Zombies is to grab runners flags or lives at every possible opportunity, and hamper the progress of the runners through the course.

iii. Zombie Horde
The Zombie Horde act as extras for scary effect and also as game marshalls ensuring fair play. They will also be responsible for their own make-up and costume. Zombie Horde calls on spectators who do not wish to actually play the game but wish to have fun regardless.  They will be posted at designated areas and do not have the game rights of a full Zombie.

iv. Spectators
Family and friends who wish to enjoy a day outdoors, no game rights and no participation other than to offer a safe zone at the end of the course.


  • Spot prizes will be given away!
  • Entrants will receive a Zombie Pack – including a vial of fake blood!
  • The first 600 entries will get a free race t-shirt.
    A supervised play area for the kids will be provided by GeekFest.

    There will be food stalls available.

    There will be books, collectables and make-up on sale.

    The course will take place on the showground so entrants can expect flat, grassy terrain and some riverside stretches.