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Halfway Toyota Illovo Sugar Challenge

Date : 10 August 2014
Province : Kwazulu Natal
Location : Ugu Sports & Recreational Centre
Entries Close : 06 August 2014
Starting Time : 09:00
Registration : Ugu Sport & Recreation Centre, 07:00 to 09:00
Late Entries : Yes
Timed By : Elite Timing
ROAG Registration : No
Event Website : http://www.schospice.co.za


RaceStart TimePre Entry FeeLate Entry Fee
12km09:40R 50,00R 70,00
25km09:20R 90,00R 110,00
45km09:00R 120,00R 140,00
5km09:50R 20,00R 40,00


Date: 10/08/2014
Time: 07:00 to 09:00
Venue: Ugu Sport & Recreation Centre


First 3 in all 4 races (male & female). Prize vouchers to first 3 in 42km & 25km only (male & female)


All entrants will receive a goodie bag.


All finishers will receive a medal.


Coca Cola Fantasia supervised by Hospice staff and food will be on sale.


Various market stalls will be open.



Starting at the UGU Sports Stadium in Izotsha, cyclists will pass through Scot Scott's farm at a brisk pace, they will cross the Hlangeni River, and onto Johan Redinger's Rottenberg Farm, which is currently being leased by Anthony Apostolides.

The track will pass the ruins, and snake towards the back of Pure Venom and Andre Parnell's house.  Cyclists will pass the Redinger homestead on their way East Wards towards Betania Lutheran church.

The site of South Coast Halfway Toyota, marks the milestone.  Turning South Wards back to Scott Scott's, then passing Ralf Schroder's house, back to Hamel Farm and around and above Osca Bruggemann's dam, which will lead into Seaview farm (Detlef Wichmann), across the D687 and down towards the Margate quarry road.

The track branches off and goes towards the old Solana Park and loops back passing the clay brick yard.  The final stretch will head down towards Fred Lauterbach's Exchange farm, cutting trough the bananas and coming out at the Uvongo, Escom sub station.  Home stretch, will pass through Hamel farm once again, and back towards the UGU stadium.

South Coast Hospice is grateful to the farmers who have participated in this project.  This fundraising highlight would not be possible without Louis Wichmann, Ryan Mostert and Mark Bolton from Duracycles.

GPS CO-Ords for the UGU Sports & Leisure Centre DOT Road Signs

Physical Description



Entrance to Centre on R620

30° 48' 09.89"S

30° 21' 41.68"E

Knoxgore/ R620

30° 47' 57.91"S

30° 21' 50.22"E

Izothsha Primary School West

30° 46' 52.78"S

30° 23' 27.10"E

Izothsha Primary School East

30° 46' 52.39"S

30° 23' 28.77"E

R620/ Harding Road

30° 45' 04.54"S

30° 24' 55.35"E

South Bound Offramp Shelly Beach

30° 47' 57.04"S

30° 24' 10.27"E

North Bound Offramp Shelly Beach

30° 47' 52.52"S

30° 24' 03.71"E

Marine Drive/ Knoxgore

30° 49' 13.82"S

30° 24' 05.98"E

Seaslopes/ Marine Drive

30° 50' 49.68"S

30° 23' 03.36"E

South Bound Offramp Seaslopes

30° 50' 34.26"S

30° 22' 17.82"E

North Bound Offramp Seaslopes

30° 50' 31.79"S

30° 22' 11.80"E

Seaslopes/ R620 West side

30° 50' 09.10"S

30° 20' 50.12"E